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Kinderkineticist, Founder And Owner

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Marene Jooste

Registered Kinderkineticist

BA HMS & Psychology, BA Honn Kinderkinetics. MA Kinderkinetics

Meet Marene Jooste!  She is first and foremost the mom to 2 beautiful boys age 13 and 10, and the wife to a wonderful man named Jaco.  She has a huge, caring heart for people and serves her community wherever she can. She loves reading and playing the piano, and enjoys anything adventurous, especially travelling. She is also a passionate professional with a holistic outlook to childhood development, and has a special interest in children with developmental delays. She has been in private practice for 18 years during which she has gained practical experience in the Health, Medical & Education Sector.  


She is currently the CEO and MD of Kwanda Kinetics and has served on the board of SAPIK for 5 years as one of two vice-presidents. Over and above her Masters Degree in neuro-sensory-motor development, she is also a SNAP consultant for autistic children and has received advanced training in Integrated Learning Therapy.  She is further a trained Wise Eye Reading Therapist, entrepreneur, blogger, writer and course creator, and has presented workshops and talks to more than 1 000 teachers.  In 2019, she has founded Edupro Online where she is collaborating with other professionals to provide online courses and resources to parents, teachers and professionals in the pediatric field.


And Practice Manager

Meet Gizelle Kruger! After managing the Pretland Kinderkinetics Centre at the North-West University, Gizelle joined the Kwanda family in 2012.  Over and above her Masters Degree in Kinderkinetics, she also has very strong administrative and managing skills. She is an absolute perfectionist and her work ethics is impeccable.  


She has been in practice for 10 years and currently serves on the board of SAPIK as one of two vice-presidents.  She is contracted via Kwanda Kinetics to 5 primary and pre-primary schools, and works with an average of 350 children on a weekly basis.  She has attended numerous workshops and courses, and has received various certificates related to childhood development.  She is also a trained Wise Eye Reading Therapist. 

Although Gizelle is absolutely content and very independent, she is waiting for that someone special. In the meantime, Lego Kruger, her Jack Russell, is her snuggle buddy.  She loves good food (and the occasional Coco-Cola!) and enjoys doing Arts and Crafts, especially when she can make personal gifts for her friends.  


Gizelle Kurger

Registered Kinderkineticist

BSc HMS And Phys, BSc Honn Kinderkinetics, MA Kinderkinetics


And Part Of The Kwanda Family

Melanie Durand
Registered Kinderkineticist
BA HMS & Psychology, BA Honn Kinderkinetics, MA Kinderkineticist

Meet Melanie Durand! After her studies, Melanie worked for 3 years at a private practice called Kleinkin.  She then decided to lecture at the University of Johannesburg for 4 years, where she also completed her Masters Degree in Kinderkinetics. 


She joined the Kwanda family in 2015 and have 10 + years of practical experience.  In addition to her Masters Degree, she has attended numerous workshops and courses, and have received various certificates related to childhood development.  She is also a trained Wise Eye Reading Therapist and is contracted via Kwanda Kinetics to 5 pre-primary and primary schools.  This means that she gets to work with an average of 300 children on a weekly basis. 

Melanie is the mother of two busy-body toddlers and married to her high-school sweetheart named Jacques.  She is always happy and energetic, and brings sunshine wherever she goes.  She loves to teach and write, and appreciates fine dining and the fellowship of good friends.


40 + Years

Of Combined Experience

We Have The Know-How That You Need

Liezl van den Berg,
Parent At Preschool

I want to thank you for your input over the past 2 years.  I will definitely recommend Kwanda Kinetics to all our family and friends!

Theresa Wentzel,
Owner Of Preschool

What a privilege to have you at our school.  We want you to be part of our curriculum for many years to come and are super excited about the future.  Thank you for the passion that you have when it comes to children and their development.  And a big thank you for keeping your fees affordable!

Vanessa Baumgarten,

Thank you so much for this workshop.  You really are an amazing Kinderkineticist who always helps and empowers others with knowledge.  It was a wow! I am looking forward to your other courses.

What Others Say

How We Do Things


Health, Movement, Wellbeing

In 2010, Kwanda Kinetics was born in the middle of the night.  Three o'clock in the morning, to be precise.  The whole blueprint was written within 3 hours - with a clear vision in mind. 


Causing a Kingdom ripple effect, we would live for God and impact our direct community through our calling as Kinderkineticists by unconditionally loving, respecting and developing each and every child that crosses our path in order for him or her to reach dizzy heights and be the best that he or she can be.  

This is exactly what Kwanda is about! The word Kwanda means ‘to reach dizzy heights’ or ‘to excel’.  Kinetics, on the other hand, means ‘motion’ or ‘movement’.  If you combine these two, you get a special connection between movement and reaching your full potential. 

Starting with only 18 children and 1 Kinderkineticst, the practice has since grown to accommodate 3 full-time Kinderkineticists who are contracted to 11 preprimary and primary schools as in-house Kinderkineticists.  Together, they are working with an average of 750 children per week.  Certain programs are also presented as extra-curricular activities.  


Our Development
And Therapy Centre


Today our child development and therapy centre works with an average of 750 children per week.  We guide, inform, consult and provide feedback to 1 500 parents, 125 teachers and 11 principals on a weekly basis.

We work in conjunction with numerous professionals including but not limited to nutritionists and dieticians, behavioural optometrists, audiologists, speech and language therapists, paediatric physiotherapists, paediatric occupational therapists, educational psychologists, social workers, play therapists, rheumatologists, podiatrists, paediatricians and neurologists.



Various preprimary schools throughout South Africa have enrolled in one of our online curriculum packages.  This means that more than 900 children are currently participating in our online curriculum program. We hope to see many more children's lives being changed by this program in the near future!


We are also privileged to have Prof Ben Coetzee at the Northwest University reviewing our sports development program called Kwanda Sport.  We are in the process of publishing our very own Sport Skills Group Screening Manual and are looking forward to a full sports curriculum that will be available as part of our online subscription packages as well.




Whilst the main focus will always remain on movement, our centre believes that children are unique, intricate  beings.  We therefore have an integrative, holistic outlook when it comes to the learning and development aspects of a child.

To find out how our programs and services can benefit your children or school, please browse through the rest of our website. However, don’t visit our website only.  Get your school's own in-house Kinderkineticist on your premises! Or else, have a look at our two online subscription packages.


You will love every single moment as Kwanda Kinetics is more than just movement. It is the ultimate smart move!





Thank you so much for the feedback. You are really professional and I admire your great passion for your work.



You are an asset to any school and we greatly appreciate what you do. It definitely provides us with an extra edge compared to other schools in our direct area.  



Our child was born with Spina Bifida. Our Physiotherapist highly recommended  that he participates in one of the programs presented by Kwanda Kinetics.

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